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Raise Your Hand If You're NOT Getting Clients From LinkedIn


Don’t be ashamed if your hand is up. LinkedIn is a mystery to most business professionals.

Almost every day someone asks me "How do I get clients from LinkedIn?"

Getting clients from LinkedIn is easy once you crack the code. I'll show you how in a minute...

What doesn’t work on LinkedIn…

  1. Send 50 invitations to connect every day. Customize the invitation and tell them how you can help them
  2. If they accept your invitation to connect, send a welcome message and again tell them how you can help them
  3. A few days later send them an article with “useful” information and invite them to a phone call to see how you can work together
  4. A week later send them another article with “useful” information and invite them to a phone call to see how you can work together
  5. Follow up with another message inviting them to a phone call to see how you can work together or offer a free strategy session

There are so many things wrong with this approach and this is exactly what most LinkedIn "experts" preach.

You’re coming from a position of weakness and desperation when you beg for appointments. "Spray and pray" may land you an occasional client but you rarely get long-term, repeat buyers or referrals. 

This is the modern day version of cold calling or robocalling.

When was the last time you did business with a company who robocalled you?

Remember, people love to buy but they hate being sold to, especially by a complete stranger or by an automated LinkedIn bot. 

How do you crack the mysterious LinkedIn code and create a steady, reliable, consistent stream of pre-qualified prospects who are ready, willing and able to work with you right now? 

You need a proven system that brings clients to you from a position of strength... instead of desperately chasing after clients

How can YOU come from a position of strength?

Confidence and clarity. 

Successful people hang out with successful people and help each other. 

The LinkedIn Opportunity is Right Now

Recently I spoke at a networking meeting. The room was full of attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, and successful entrepreneurs, many earning well over 7 figures. 

And they’re getting a lot of new business from LinkedIn.  

Why are these business professionals getting lots of new business from LinkedIn when most LinkedIn members don't have a clue what to do after they log in? (I know this for a fact because over 103,000 of you asked for my LinkedIn cheatsheet).

This crowd "gets" LinkedIn. They don't need to use aggressive LinkedIn messaging tricks and gimmicks. 

They close deals quickly because they come from a position of strength. 

They aren’t desperate. They choose who they want to work with. They don’t have to hard sell their prospects. Closing deals is easy because prospects are almost begging for the opportunity to work with these people.

Introducing A Ground Breaking Way To Build Your Lifestyle Business In Real Time...

Here's how you can build a predictable stream of quality clients for your lifestyle business allowing you the freedom to work from anywhere while earning what you want. Together we create your "client getting" system by leveraging the expertise of your own team of advisors. 

I not only teach you what to do, we implement what you learn on the spot using "done with you" technology.

Zoom screen sharing has been around for years but now virtual coaching is even more effective using Zoom Rooms. It’s just like being in a classroom with breakout rooms so you can work in small, focused groups.

Instead of watching a course via video, we jump on a Zoom call and I teach for 30 minutes.

Next, you head off to your Zoom Room and implement what you just learned with the help of your study group.

After you complete your assignments in the breakout rooms, we reconvene in the main classroom to share your work with the entire class to get their feedback.

You leave with a completed assignment, ready to implement in your next marketing campaign. 

 You'll never say "I didn't have time to implement what you taught" because we are implementing on the spot.



Amazing information! From his easy-to-follow book to his info packed online courses, I have found Ted to always be providing powerful advice and tips. His knowledge and expertise also incorporates big picture strategy.

The best part is as a coach and speaker, Ted remains humble and very passionate about helping in the best way. I strongly recommend anyone that is interested in growing their portfolio, their business to personally connect with Ted. - Dr. Ingrid Pyka Executive Strategist

If you want to know the behind-the-scenes, real world strategies to use LinkedIn to grow your business, you need to read and listen to Ted Prodromou. Ted has helped me tremendously and his book is jam-packed with nuggets of instantly applicable tips and tricks to save you time and money… and give you a roadmap to actually making money on LinkedIn. - Scott Keffer Million Dollar Mentor for Financial Advisors

Ted knows. He truly is America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge he shared in his presentation and how open he was when responding to questions from myself and others in the audience. And when I signed up for a personal review of my LinkedIn Profile? I was blown away by his response. I thought I had a pretty good profile (and I did!). Ted targeted specific areas that were weak, told me why, and told me how to apply a fix that would improve readability, connectivity, and appeal. I recommend him highly to anyone who uses LinkedIn or any social media for business! -Candy Zulkosky The Writer Success Coach

What happens when you surround yourself with successful people and use a proven system?

  • You'll gain incredible clarity into your business and your life
  • You'll be a proud member of a community where you give and receive expert feedback 
  • You'll no longer be "In this alone"
  • You'll love sales and marketing because your system does the heavy lifting
  • You'll work less and make more giving you the freedom you've been chasing your entire career

Here’s a sample of the freedom-generating strategies we implement in our group calls:

  • Creating your LinkedIn sales funnel
  • Setting up/optimizing your online ads
  • Figuring out your best niche market
  • Creating products/services your clients want to buy
  • Creating client-attracting marketing materials 
  • Generating more phone appointments
  • Getting better at closing deals
  • Growing your email list
  • Making more money from your email list
  • Resolving inner game challenges, like fears, doubts & limiting beliefs 

Freedom Xcelerator: Mastermind and Coaching for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

  1. Twice monthly calls with coaching and hot seats
  2. Includes access to Ted's inner network of marketing and business growth experts
  3. One new course every month
  4. Full access to the video library
  5. Private community who picks you up when you're down and celebrates your successes. We'll challenge you and push you beyond your limiting beliefs to take your business to the next level.



Twice a month we go live where Ted and guest experts teach you what's working now (and what to stop doing!)


Every month one new masterclass training will be added to the video library


Network with other successful business professionals and get support in between our live calls.



What qualifies me to be your coach?

  • LinkedIn invited me to write for their sales and marketing blogs (yes, that LinkedIn), I'm a VIP contributor to, I create LinkedIn courses and write for, I have articles published on, the, and I contributed to a Twitter documentary on CNBC. 
  • I’m a proud author in Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide series of books. Other authors include Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, and Jay Conrad Levinson. My books include 4 best-selling books - Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business (3 editions) and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business
  • I’m a certified personal/professional coach (with a real certification from an accredited coaching organization
  • I’ve been doing online marketing, search engine optimization and coaching since 2003
  • I’ve worked directly with Frank Kern, Perry Marshall, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Alex Mandossian, Russell Brunson, Tom Beal and many other top-tier marketers
  • I was the online marketing manager generating leads for a software company that generated over $100 million per year in sales
  • I’ve been teaching online marketing since 2008 through the Bay Area Internet Marketers Meetup,, and through my online courses including Linked Accelerator. 

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